Amy Roloff Comes Under Fire After Sharing Adorable Photos Of Her Grandson Jackson

Date July 16, 2018 13:01

Amy Roloff is a good grandma who adores her little grandkids, Jackson and Ember. However, even a perfect parent can make mistakes. Recently, Amy has shared a new sweet photo of her baby grandson Jackson on her Instagram, which caused vivid discussions and a wave of negative comments among her followers.

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Did Amy Roloff make a mistake?

Amy Roloff is a big fan of sharing her family photos on Instagram, and her devoted fans are really grateful for this.

The Little People, Big World star usually makes posts about her life on the farm, about her relationships with Chris, and, of course, she also likes to share new recipes with her followers.

However, what Amy’s fans wait for most of all are new photos with her grandkids, Jackson and Ember. Just take a look at these cuties. We can’t get enough of these little angels.


Допис, поширений Amy Roloff (@amyjroloff)

Anyhow, Amy’s recent pic with baby Jackson generated numerous arguments among people on social media. The reason is that when Amy posted a photo of herself with little Jackson riding in a car, people noticed that the kid was not in a baby car seat.

A wave of negative comments broke over Amy Roloff:

@teresaa56 Why is he not in a car seat or strapped in? Very very careless!!!

But of course, there were some people that defended the Little People, Big World star:

@lenadangelo God everyone is so annoying, she raised 4 kids I think she knows what she’s doing.

@jennifers089 People are so nitpicky and judgmental, it's exhausting. She loves her grandson completely, and to think she would put him in danger is just stupid. Relax people. Good grief.

Reminder to all parents!

We won’t judge Amy Roloff too strictly, but still want to remind all adults about the importance of car safety rules when driving with kids:

Africa Images /

  1. Always place your children in a baby car seat to keep them safe while riding a vehicle.
  2. Choose the most appropriate car seat for your child. The type of seat depends on a child's age, size, and developmental needs. 
  3. Ask for a professional help to install a baby car seat in the right way.

Take care of yourself and your children!

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