Dramatic Moment Princess Diana Decided To Divorce Charles

Date September 3, 2018

Sometimes, the lives of the British royals resemble a drama series. Their real stories can touch our hearts or make us cry. Prince Charles and Princess Diana were one of the most talked about royal couples. Even now, their love story generates vivid discussions.

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The moment Diana decided to divorce Charles

When Charles and Diana first met, Charles was dating Diana's elder sister, Sarah McCorquodale. For some reason, their relationships didn’t last long.

Charles and Diana’s romance, on the contrary, developed at an enormous speed. After only 12 dates, Charles proposed.


Their wedding was like a fairytale. Who would have thought the fairytale would have a sad ending?

Exclusively for Robert Jobson’s Royal Podcast, the princess’ former bodyguard, Ken Wharfe, revealed the moment Diana decided to file for divorce.

According to Wharfe, it was extremely hard for Diana to know about her husband’s affair, and to deal with it on a daily basis. He said:

She knew that Charles would be meeting Camilla, and they would be enjoying private time together during a trip.


Diana’s frustration came to its peak after photographers pictured her in a bathing suit and made the headlines as if she “relieved the stress of delivering her husband into his lover’s arms.”

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Provoked by the photographers’ constant attention, Diana told Wharfe at that time:

I want out of this once and for all!


Painful divorce

Some people still say that Charles and Diana’s 11-year-long marriage was a disaster for both, and somewhat damaging to the image of the British monarchy. We disagree with it. Either way, they are just people, and deserve to be happy.

Of course, divorce was a hard experience for Diana. It offset her emotional stability, and divested her of the royal title.

As a princess, Diana was well-known for her social work. She patronized about a 100 charitable organizations. After the divorce, she kept the right to work in the interests of only 6 of them. It is fair to say that to some extent, Diana lost the meaning of life and the dream of helping people.


But as a strong woman of noble principles, Diana had never lost faith in the better future, at least for the sake of her sons. Besides, whatever people say, Charles and Diana had a beautiful love story, which will be remembered for years.

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