Mental Issues And Confrontation With George Clooney: A Look Back At Late Vanessa Marquez's Life

Date September 6, 2018 12:50

ER star Vanessa Marquez lost her life in a tragic shooting incident on August 30, 2018. She was young and beautiful, and could have the whole life in front of her. We decided to take a look back at Vanessa’s career and her path to success, and of course, at her personal life, filled with ups and downs.

Young and perspective actress

Fans know Vanessa for her role as nurse Wendy Goldman in the drama series ER. The actress starred in the show for three seasons.

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No need to say that her role in ER appeared to be a great success for the young actress. It gave her money and recognition she had been dreaming about.

Though Vanessa had to quit the series after three seasons, she confessed it was a real luck to become a cast member of the longest-running medical drama on the American television.


Marquez also had supporting roles in Melrose Place, Stand and Deliver, and Seinfeld. 

Vanessa’s relationship with George Clooney

During her career in Hollywood, Vanessa had a chance to work with several A-list heartthrobs, including George Clooney.


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In October, 2017, Marquez accused her former ER co-star of sexual misconduct. It was just on the wave of MeToo movement, when multiple celebrity women revealed their stories of sexual harassment.

In his turn, Clooney denied any allegations against him.

Mental disorder

Marquez reportedly suffered from a mental disorder, which became the cause of her tragic death. The star was having seizures when the officers arrived at her place. Besides, she was armed with a gun. When the officers’ attempt to calm down Marquez failed, they were forced to open fire. Vanessa was 49 when she lost her life.

Marquez also suffered from the immune disorder. She explained her diagnosis even caused her to be 'homebound' due to chronic pain.

Following Vanessa’s demise, ER cast members and fans honored her memory with touching tributes.

Everyone who knew Vanessa called her a person with a beautiful smile, good humor, and vivid energy. That’s how we will remember her.

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George Clooney