Princess Diana And Sarah Ferguson Were So Close At First. What’s Happened To Their Friendship?

Date September 10, 2018 13:30

Some people say they do not believe in women’s friendship. We disagree with them. Women’s friendship exists, even within the British royal family.

Did you know that Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson used to be on pretty good terms as the sisters-in-law? Moreover, both ladies have supported each other through their divorces.


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How it all started

Diana and Sarah had a complicated relationship at the end, but initially, they were pretty close friends. The ladies were actually 4th cousins, so they spent a lot of time together long before they both became members of the royal family.


The young women had mutual friends, and shared a number of similar interests. Of course, Diana invited Sarah to her wedding with Prince Charles.

Later, Diana often asked her friend to join her for tea at Buckingham Palace. The Princess had even recommended Ferguson to the Queen for an invite. In fact, that's how Sarah’s romantic affair with her future husband, Andrew, started.

Diana was always on-hand to help Sarah when she made her first appearances with the royal family. Ferguson recalled those moments in her biography:

‘Just keep smiling’, Diana whispered. And I did, as I would for long years to come. I always felt safe in mimicking Diana.


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Painful divorces

As we know, marriages of both ladies failed. Diana and Charles filed for divorce in 1992. The same year, Sarah and Andrew also announced their split.

After they both separated from their husbands, Diana and Sarah were as close as ever. They often met for lunch, and even vacationed together in France.

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Friends turned foes

Sadly, but before Diana’s passing, both were a little on edge with each other. The reason for that was Sarah’s comment about Diana, which the late Princess took as an offense.

In her autobiography, Sarah shared an incident involving Diana, which reportedly left her angry and upset. Ferguson joked she got verruca after wearing a pair of shoes, borrowed from Diana. This comment strained their relationships.


Nevertheless, Diana and Sarah have proved that friendship between women exists. Maybe, if the Princess was still alive, the ladies would make things right between the two of them.

Do you believe in female friendship? Please, share your opinions with us.

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