What Did Camilla Do To Diana Just Days Before The Royal Wedding? It Made The Princess Cry

Date September 4, 2018

Every young lady dreams to find her charming prince and to have a beautiful wedding. Princess Diana seemed to have both dreams come true when she met Charles. But what did she really hide behind her happy smile prior to the big day?

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The love triangle

When Charles and Diana met, they couldn’t explain the chemistry between them. Their relationships developed at an enormous speed. After only 12 dates, Charles proposed.

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But at that time, Diana had no idea there would be three of them in that marriage. According to archive recordings, Diana recalled a heartbreaking moment she found out about Charles and Camilla Parker-Bowles’ affair.

It happened before Charles’ departure for the 5-week royal tour. They were already engaged at that moment. The paparazzi captured a moment when Diana was weeping at the airport, and made a suggestion she felt very hard because of the upcoming separation.

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In reality, Diana cried for another reason. In her interview, the princess explained that an awful thing had happened just before Charles left. Camilla called Charles before his departure. Diana was heartbroken to hear her future husband’s conversation with his former mistress. She said:

It just broke my heart.

Awkward moment

In fact, Diana and Camilla were on pretty good terms at first. That was until Diana discovered Camilla was not just Charles’ old friend, but his former girlfriend. The exes even had cute nicknames for each other, Fred and Gladys.

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Two weeks before the royal wedding, Diana found a parcel which captured her attention. She opened it and found Charles’ present for Camilla. It was a golden bracelet with a blue disc saying "G and F". What an irony!

You may ask, why Diana agreed to marry Charles after she found out the sad truth?! It’s hard to say for sure. Being a member of the royal family involves taking responsibility not just to your family, but to the whole country. Or maybe, Diana sincerely hoped Charles would forget Camilla after their marriage. We never know what’s actually going on in other people’s lives.

Do you think Princess Diana shouldn’t have married Charles? Or that she simply had no choice? Please, share your thoughts with us.

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