So Simple But Genius! Michael J. Fox And His Wife, Tracy, Reveal A Secret To Their 30-Year Marriage


September 7, 2018 08:58 By Fabiosa

Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan have managed to keep their marriage going strong for 30 years! What’s the secret of their endless love?


Michael and Tracy’s relationship had ups and downs

Michael and Tracy’s love story went through many ups and downs. It was tested for strength by awkward dates, health issues, and divorce-related rumors. But the couple is still together after a 3-decade marriage.

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Fox and Pollan first met on the set of 'Family Ties'. Pollan quit the show after the first season, and their love story could never have started. The couple reunited again for the movie 'Bright Lights, Big City'. This time, Michael asked Tracy on a date. She agreed. The lovebirds started dating and soon, Michael proposed.

Health issues

In 1991, 'Back to the Future' star was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. It was a hard period for the family. For a long time, Fox couldn’t get used to living with the condition. The actor suffered from depression which led to alcohol addiction.

His illness made it impossible for the actor to continue his work. That’s when his career saw a decline. Thankfully, he had his wife to support him through the darkest times.


Tracy supported her husband for all 30 years of their marriage. It was she who helped Michael believe in himself and defeat his depression.

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The secret to a happy marriage

In 2018, the couple celebrated their 30th wedding anniversary. They have 4 children together.



As for a secret to their happy marriage, Fox said:

Find the best things about you and the best things about life and celebrate them.

Pollan added:

Just give each other the benefit of the doubt. He assumes I’m doing the best I can.

So, this is what makes the marriage work for Michael and Tracy. Simple but genius! We can learn from them, too.  

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