How Princess Diana And Prince Charles' Body Language Precisely Proves They Weren't Meant To Be Together

Date April 16, 2019 14:28

It comes as no secret that Princess Diana and Prince Charles weren't truly in love with each other. Even though Lady Di dreamt of having a perfect family with the future king, he didn't find his wife appealing and suitable later. 

There were many signs preventing Diana and Charles from tying the knot and creating a family, but things happened anyway, which ultimately lead to one of the most famous divorces in history. 


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Body language on their mismatch

In fact, Prince Charles and Princess Diana didn't have to tell about their issues to the world as their body languages told everything in details. 

Engagement interview

According to body language expert Robin Kermode, Prince Charles was somewhat talkative and engaging in the interviews, whereas Lady Di tried to keep quiet, sometimes looking sad with watery eyes. 

Charles also deferred to Diana during the interview, looking at her before making an answer. That's where he made the "Whatever love means" remark. 


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Wedding day

Things got more distressing to the couple. According to Judi James, a body language expert and an author, Princess Diana looked radiantly happy when she stepped in the cathedral, but then she started looking around and her face "does a sudden and very dramatic drop," close to tears. 


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Diana looked for Camilla on the Big Day

According to Express, Princess Diana knew about Charles and Camilla's close relationship and romantic feelings toward each other, so the late royal looked for her in the building, and she was undoubtedly there. 


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Charles’ body language at the wedding

Judi James conceded the future king looked sad as he waited for Princess Diana. His face showed formality and the expression of duty instead of calmness and joy. Surely, he gave a slight smile when the bride arrived, but it readily changed into the long face once again. 


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It's hard to tell what was really going on between the Prince and Princess of Wales at that time. They had some positive moments in the beginning, but no one can deny their harshness and tension when they were around each other.