Josh Groban's Enchanting Performance Of Elvis Presley's 'It's Now Or Never' Gives Us Goosebumps


March 11, 2019 12:53 By Fabiosa

We can never get enough of Elvis Presley's incredible songs, and 2019's Elvis All-Star Tribute hosted by NBC serves as a reminder of that. Many incredible artists of our generation came together to perform Presley's hits, and it was certainly a night to remember.

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Blake Shelton, Keith Urban, and many others wowed the viewers worldwide with their renditions of Elvis' greatest songs.

One of the most memorable and enchanting performances was delivered by Josh Groban, whose magical voice always gives us shivers, but it went to a completely different level with Presley's legendary It's Now Or Never.

Josh Groban's mesmerizing performance

The golden voice of our generation took the Elvis All-Star Tribute stage and completely dominated Presley's It's Now Or Never with his deep and powerful delivery.

We felt like falling in love with Groban and this song all over again. His voice sounded so unbelievable!

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Presley would've been proud of such an incredible performance. Bravo, Josh!

Reactions on social media

The public was left speechless by Groban's voice and couldn't stop praising the talented artist.

@Rachel Miller:

One of my favorite Elvis songs sung by my favorite singer❤️🎶

@Frank Furfaro:

Great job! I think elvis would have really liked josh

@Cynthia Padgett:

Josh can sing anything as well...he is AMAZING!

@Joan Dunn:

Josh can channel Elvis his singing is coming from his love of music just like Elvis the King

@Paula Stremland:

One of my favorites by Elvis Presley. I loved when my dad sang it when I was a little girl. Great memory. Great cover tribute.

What do you think of Josh's performance?

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