A.J. Cook's Sons Are Growing Up So Fast And Take After Their Mom. Remember Them On 'Criminal Minds'?

Date March 28, 2019 13:33

Do you remember that incredibly adorable baby that appeared in season 11 of Criminal Minds? SSA Jennifer Jareau made a brief return to the screen holding a beautiful baby in her arms.

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A.J. Cook looked very natural at that moment, maybe because the boy who played her character’s son was her actual son?!

Yes, you heard us right, that was Phoenix Sky Andersen, the actress’ real child. But that’s not all. A.J.’s second son, Mekhai, also starred in the show as Henry, Jennifer Jareau’s first kid.

Cook’s boys are so cute that it doesn’t come as a surprise that nobody could play her children better than her actual kids! But how do Phoenix and Mekhai look now?

They have grown up

Blonde locks, blue eyes - the boys have definitely inherited their famous mom’s genes! We are certain that the older they get, the more handsome they will look, which means that they might decide to follow A.J.’s footsteps and turn to acting.


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They already have an amazing acting experience so it’s only a matter of time when we see them again on the big screen.


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Mekhai and Phoenix are both A.J.'s sons with her husband Nathan Andersen. The couple has been happily married since 2001.


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The two met when they were studying at Utah Valley University and their story shows a great example to those, who don’t believe that there is a place for love in showbiz.


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Everything seems to be going on perfect in their little family and we wish the lovely pair to live happily as ever.

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