Royal Poopy Pony: Cpl Cruachan IV Had An Unexpected Welcoming Present For The Queen At Balmoral Castle


August 8, 2018 16:30 By Fabiosa

Her Majesty the Queen finally began her summer vacation at Balmoral Castle at the end of July. Nevertheless, for the hardest working member of the royal family, it is never all fun and games in the sun.

Byunau Konstantin /

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The Queen still attends to matters of state during her break, as the monarchy cannot be left without leadership. Her workload is considerably lighter though. Also, she still meets with important guests at the castle.

As part of activities marking the start of her summer vacation, Her Majesty inspected a guard of honor by the Balaklava Company, The Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders & their Mascot the Shetland Pony Cpl Cruachan IV.

During the inspection, the Shetland Pony decided to relieve himself just before Her Majesty passed by. Cameras captured the Queen with a hand to her nose, as if trying to avoid the worst of the smell, which the rain must have made even worse.

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Cruachan IV has a history of being a little naughty. During one other visit of Her Majesty, he tried to take a bite out of her bouquet of roses. This time, it is possible the pony was either nervous or just had a little too much to eat.

We can hardly imagine people getting so nervous on seeing the Queen they relieve themselves. That would be an awful sight.

Her Majesty has always had a soft spot for horses and we are very sure that she will forgive Cruachan IV for his faux pas. He might even get a promotion soon for being such a cutey.

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