Women's Power: Top 15 Richest Female Singers Of 2017 Worldwide We'll Never Stop Admiring

Date August 14, 2018

2017 will forever be remembered as the year of awakening for Hollywood and show business. Women in film and music industry had been building up to it by pointing out their wage gap compared to male colleagues, harassment they had to endure in order to prove their worth, and other major obstacles for females that ultimately culminated in the explosion of support from industry insiders and rise of the female power.

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There are so many remarkable women in both movie and music industries, but we want to take time to recognize and celebrate beyond talented and powerful female singers. We direct our attention to top 15 richest female recording artists of 2017, as we want to remember it as a year of change and empowerment for women everywhere.

1. Lady Gaga


2. Barbra Streisand


3. Shania Twain


4. Dolly Parton


5. Beyoncé


6. Madonna


7. Katy Perry

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8. Britney Spears

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9. Rihanna

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10. Taylor Swift

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11. Adele

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12. Nana Mouskouri


13. Jennifer Lopez

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14. Mariah Carey

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15. Cher


We'll forever celebrate these amazing women and always be grateful for their musical talent. Keep rocking, ladies!

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