Kendall Jenner Cries Out "My Words Were Twisted" Amid Continued Backlash Over Her Insensitive Comments On Hardworking Models

Date August 23, 2018 12:59

Kendall Jenner is backtracking on her earlier statements from a recent controversial interview with Love Magazine.

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What she said

The model took social media by storm when she told the edgy magazine, in which she was featured alongside Naomi Campbell, that she had to limit the jobs she signed up for because they have become overwhelming.


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But what outraged people online were her comments about being selective with the jobs she takes on. Kendall was quoted calling her fellow models “those girls” who do 30 shows a season.

Was she misrepresented?

But, in response to the backlash she has received online, Kendall is now claiming she was misrepresented by Love Magazine. Fans say her words were tone-deaf, and the choice to turn down jobs is simply because of her wealthy background as a Kardashian-Jenner.

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On Twitter, Kendall says none of this represents how she truly feels about her colleagues.

Opinions are divided

"I’m inspired by so many of these people I have had the good fortune to work alongside," Kendall claimed in a response tweet.

Fans are not buying it. One commenter called her "entitled," but she’s, nonetheless, getting support from fans who believe her words were deliberately twisted by the magazine just to cause controversy. Thoughts?

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