Nostalgia Or Royal Etiquette? Here's Why Prince George's Clothes Look Exactly Like The Ones His Father Wore Decades Ago

Date August 3, 2018

The royals have a strict dress code. One needs only to look at the Queen's constant hat wearing to understand this. But are these rules binding for George and Charlotte as well?



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Royal fashion rules for children

It would seem that the children in the royal family have to follow the rules too. Although their parents are worth millions, and could get them any clothing of their choice, they don't get to wear t-shirts by their favourite superhero character.

According to royal etiquette expert, Grant Harrold, who spoke to the BBC, each time George and Charlotte appear in public, they are expected to be dressed formally.

George vs William fashion moments

This much is obvious from just looking at all the pictures of Prince George. He's always dressed in a specific way: shorts and a shirt. Hardly ever trousers.

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However, more than following royal protocol, fans have noticed specifically that his clothes are mostly imitations of his father’s childhood clothes or outright handmedowns. See famous instances below:

1. For his first Trooping the Colour back in 2015, he borrowed something from his father’s 1984 wardrobe.

2. For his second Trooping of the Colour  in 2016, he repeated another 1984 look

3. This moment when they both wore similar baby collar shirts 33 years apart

Fans react

How do royal fans feel about this? They, are of course in love this gorgeous blast from the past fashion game between Prince George and his father.

We can totally relate too! The only reason we're mad about this is Charlotte who is left out of these oh so cute twinning moments.

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Prince George Clothes