"When You Leave and Your Hair Decides To Stay": The Most Hilarious Jokes About Donald Trump's Famous Windy Hair


August 3, 2018 11:19 By Fabiosa

What's the deal with Donald Trump's hair? No one has been able to successfully figure out if it's a weave or his actual hair for years!

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Obsessed with Trump's hair

This fascination with Trump's hair is particularly noteworthy because there are far more pressing concerns about his presidency. Times reported in January that Trump's approval rating was the lowest in history after a year in office.

While concerns about his disturbing policies have led to protests across America, videos and pictures of Trump's windblown hair still has the power to break the internet, which says a lot.

Windy hair Trump jokes

But, it's not in the least surprising. If you have seen pictures of the president's hair on a windy day, you'll understand why people continue to troll him despite claims from him that his hair is not a weave.

For instance, in April, after a series of badly timed pictures showing all his hidden bald spots hit the internet, the trolling went wild.

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If you think the tweets were hilariously unfair, wait till you learn that the British former foreign secretary, Boris Johnson, considered to be his twin because of their many similarities, filed a suit against Trump's hair in 2016 according to this blog.

Funny or distracting?

Naturally, not everyone thinks it's okay to spend time discussing the president's hair choices. The jokes have continued despite Trump's famous attempt to confirm that his hair his not a weave on Jimmy Fallon's show.

But, some people think joking about Trump's hair distracts from the real issues in the U.S., which are his oppressive policies.

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Donald Trump Hair