Drama's On! Khloe Kardashian Doesn't Stop Posting True's Cute Photos In Fancy Costumes Despite Custody Fight With Tristan Thompson

Date October 25, 2018 18:38

It's not even a question that baby True looks more stylish and fancier than the majority of adults. Don't you agree with us?

Khloe Kardashian likes to dress True up in cute attires and share this sweetness with the entire world. Well, what to say when even glasses on a baby look much better than on anyone else. 


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Do you believe in unicorns?

Oh no, we aren't crazy. It's a serious question. If you don't believe, you can simply look at True's photo and reassure yourself once and for all! Even Khole admitted it:

I always knew that unicorns existed.


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Hold on! This is not the full photo! Pardon, guys. We were so excited with this baby's cuteness that missed out posting the picture with a fancy costume. Probably the whole family is actively preparing for upcoming Halloween or what?


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Honestly, we'd like to know how to be calm when there's a cute teddy bear. What's more distressing is that we can't touch it (almost crying).


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Drama's on!

While the world is feasting their eyes on True, Khloe is fighting for baby custody with Tristan after cheating scandal.

Though her dream has come true with the childbirth, Kardashian's still coping with Thomson's infidelity. Since they aren't married, the Ohio (Khloe moved there to make their relationship easier since Tristan works there) law states that a mother should have sole custody. A lawyer added:

If a child is born to unmarried parents, then under Ohio law, the mother has sole custody. It is then up to the father to file with the court to establish paternity, custody/shared-parenting, and/or visitation rights. However, if the child moves to another state, and resides in that state for at least 6-months, then that other state may have jurisdiction over custody.

Ohio cases have held that the appropriate standard for the amount of child support is the amount necessary to maintain for the child the standard of living that he or she would have enjoyed had the parents’ relationship continued.


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Everything remains vague in their case. Legal processes are always a burden and challenging on a daily basis, but we wish Khloe the best of luck in this difficult period of life!

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