Keith Urban Surprised Gravely Ill Fan By Visiting Her In Hospital And Singing A Lovely Serenade

Date October 23, 2018 18:48

Keith Urban is one of the most globally famous country-singer having millions of fans all around the world. But there's one girl who beats all records. And Urban decided to visit her, thank, and cheer up.

The unity of Marrissa and Keith

Marissa English, 25, has been Urban's admirer for as long as she remembers herself. 

She was born with water and an inoperable cyst on her brain, severe scoliosis, and cerebral palsy. Sounds terrifying, doesn't it? 

Nobody was sure that Marissa could make it to the singer's performance. As a result, hospital's nurses pushed the social campaign to make Keith notice them and visit Marissa at Mercy Health St. Vincent Hospital.

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On Thursday's night, during the concert, Urban told that he would dedicate all the show to "a beautiful girl Marissa." He also told that he was going to meet a girl who he truly thinks

is my biggest fan.

Nurses notified that Marissa's health was rapidly declining, but this concent was so crucial for her.

We knew how important it was to Marissa to be at that concert tonight and since she wasn't able to we were hoping to try and find some way to have Keith make a connection with her.

And it's more than amazing that Keith kept his promise and did visit her. 

A lovely serenade

To support Marissa is this hardship and express gratitude for being such a loyal fan, Keith Urban chose to sing a serenade for her.

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Despite the tubes all over her face and difficulty to move, Marissa couldn't stop smiling whereas family, nurses, and other patients were crying their eyes out.

All hearts were 100% melted and broken 

Frankly, we were crying once we saw this news. It's so soothing to realize that such people as Keith Urban makes someone's life brighter and happier. God bless him for such heartbreaking gesture!

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