Kelly Ripa & Mark Consuelos' Youngest Son Has Grown Up To Be His Dad's Copy, But With His Mom's Smile

Date December 19, 2018

Genetics can go high-key wild when shaping children from their parents' imagination. Some are so unbelievably alike that one wonders if somebody hit copy-paste. Kelly and Mark's children are about to blow your mind!


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Kelly Rippa and Mark Consuelos have the most incredible family that anyone can wish for, with a total of three kids. Their oldest son, Michael, is 20 years old, while the youngest one, Joaquin, is about 14 now. Their beautiful daughter, Lola, is 16.  The proud parents take every chance they get to hang out with their kids and have a fun time. The whole squad seems genuinely connected!


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Mark's official mini-me

Consuelos is undoubtedly one of the most handsome hunks in Hollywood. The good news is, we now have two of him in this world! Kelly and Mark's youngest cub, Joaquin, is all grown up now. His appearance has miraculously morphed into his father's. When he was little, it wasn't so apparent, but recently, his looks have startled everyone.


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From his sharp nose to his squinted eyes and shapely mouth, Joaquin got everything from his father. Well, maybe not everything... a close peek reveals that he also has his mother's smile. He has his dad's jawline, but his mom's radiance to pull off her laughter. Wonderful!


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Mark's official major-me

If Joaquin is Mark's mini-me than his oldest son, Michael, is crowned to be his major-me. He has showcased striking similarities to his father long before Joaquin. From his style to facial features, Michael is rightfully ahead of Joaquin.


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Which one of Kelly and Mark's children resembles their parents the most? share this if you are surprised and delighted to see the wonders of nature!

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