Heartbroken Beth Chapman Bids Farewell To Her 'Hiking Buddy' Dog With An Emotional Tribute

Date January 30, 2019

Dog The Bounty Hunter's wife, Beth Chapman, is currently dealing with a lot in her life. Amid her battle with recurring cancer, she has lost her dear fur baby that she loved to bits. Another saddening blow to her heart!


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In November last year, Beth was urgently rushed to the hospital for surgery. Later, the bad news was confirmed that her cancer has returned. A tumor has returned to her throat and it's been diagnosed as cancerous. Her husband, Duane, and the entire family are gravely concerned about her health. She is surviving on chemotherapy and prayers from her millions of well-wishers.


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Her sentiments on losing her beloved pet

Beth seems to love all the animals alike. Apparently, she had two pets: a purr-fect cat and a furry dog. Her kitty is named Plum and it has its own Instagram page with over 1,000 followers. It's celebrity owner, Beth, describes her as hilarious and beautiful. We all can agree to Plum's cuteness!


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Her domestic dog was named LBJ. Beth just lost it after it failed to recover from a horrible surgery. The reality star was heartbroken over losing a great friend. She paid a tear-jerking tribute to him and captioned:

Lost my precious LBJ. He was such a good boy, the best hiking buddy anyone could ever have.


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Her followers shared her pain 

The kind lady's fans on Instagram almost had their eyes glistened with tears. They consoled Beth over LBJ's passing and left her with comforting words.


What a handsome young fur baby!! GNGBNF. So sorry for your family's loss may he watch over you Beth he will walk beside you every day my thoughts are with you all xx 😥😥😥💙💙💙


So sorry. They are family. I know the pain. Hugs to you. 😢🐶💔🤗😔


OMG he's gorgeous what is he? I'm so very sorry for your loss


Sorry for your loss sweetie. May he Rest In Doggie Paradise

We pray for Beth's recovery, both from cancer and from the heartbreak that she is going through after losing her hiking partner. Share this and send your prayers.

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