Remembering Paul Walker On The 5th Anniversary Of His Death! New Documentary Is Out Now

Date December 3, 2018

Paul Walker left his fans too early, at the young age of 40. The car-racing mogul was famous for his debut in The Fast and The Furious franchise. True to his passion, he even died in an unfortunate automobile accident in Los Angeles.


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The headliner of 12 straight years was in the passenger's seat of a new Porsche, when his friend, who has been described as a skilled driver, lost control of the vehicle. The car first collided with a street light, and then a tree. 

Fans in every nook of the world mourned his death. He has been lost, but not forgotten. Five long years have passed, but his memories are still fresh in everyone's mind.

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A new documentary in honor of the 5th anniversary of his death


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No matter how fast the years have added up, the loss of this star remains in many hearts. The brightest smile of this charismatic young man makes it all the worse to recall memories. He was much more than the character of Brian O’Conner. He had a spacious heart, larger than life personality, and tireless devotion to his friends and family. Even more so, he was known for his compassionate humanitarian efforts.


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His legacy has been revived by producer Derik Murray and director Adrian Buitenhuis's documentary, I Am Paul Walker. It features exclusive interviews from those who were closest to him.​


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​​​​​​The movie also includes candid footage and photos contributed in memoriam by Walker's friends and family. It provides a timeline of the late icon's private life alongside highlights of his highly successful acting career. 


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Other than that, from time to time his brother Cody Walker pays his respects to him, reminiscing on old times and hitting us with nostalgia by posting pictures of him on Instagram.


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He is unforgettable

Social media users realized how much everyone feels the emptiness of Paul's sudden death. He will be loved and missed forever!

Paul Walker's legacy has now been enjoined with the ages. Share this if you would like to watch the documentary, too!

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