'She Is Clueless!' Melania Trump Got Slammed For Wearing Cow Print Heels in Argentina

Date December 3, 2018 06:29

Melania's fashion choices have long been the talk of the town. She is immediately noticed when she unknowingly appropriates the cultural norms of different countries or societies. Here goes another one!


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The First Lady of America accompanied U.S. President Donald Trump on his trip to Buenos Aires, Argentina. They landed at Ezeiza International Airport on the eve of the G20 Leaders' summit on November 29, 2018. During this annual meeting, POTUS & FLOTUS are scheduled to carry out official discussions with other renowned world leaders and their spouses. 


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Melania's Gaucho cow shoes stirred controversies 

The Slovenian beauty turned heads in a slim-fit skirt paired with a leather jacket. She stepped out of the jet with absolute class as Air Force One touched down in Argentina. 


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Everything went well until someone glared down at her silhouettes. She wore pointed heeled pumps with cow prints on them from Manolo Blahnik BB. What's wrong with that? People suggested that cows are traditional pride of Argentinian people as they symbolize Gauchos that once lived in North America. Wearing them as shoes didn't fit well.

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She was heavily criticized

After her style statements in Africa, this was deemed another offensive fashion choice. Social media users pointed out how inappropriate it was. They opined that Melania is certainly clueless about host countries' heritage. Other were just plainly against her whole look.

Do you think the First Lady had no idea about it or did she mean to offend Argentinians on purpose? Share this and let us know your take on the situation!

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