Showmance! Andrea Bocelli & His Wife, Veronica, Performed Together, Cheek To Cheek

Date November 21, 2018 12:24

A prosperous relationship between two imperfect people is a work of art. The steadiness and the rhythm of music kept Veronica & Andrea Bocelli's love for each other in complete synchronization.


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They both share an enormous love for music. The Italian tenor actually won her heart 16 years ago by singing Occhi Di Fata to her, which means Fairy Eyes. Veronica Berti doesn't only have a good ear, but also a great voice for music. Andrea told The Guardian:

Music has always played a very important role in our relationship. Veronica loves the same kind of music I do. So, listening and discussing music together is something we do a lot.

Showmance! Andrea Bocelli & His Wife, Veronica, Performed Together, Cheek To Cheekgettyimages

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They sang a duet together 

Andrea Bocelli and lovely Veronica sweetly performed the song Cheek To Cheek together and did so, well, cheek to cheek. It was a treat for fans to watch them so close to each other. The duo looked incredibly happy and cheerful. Just like an adorable tradition, Veronica planted a kiss on Andrea Bocelli's cheek. As if her voice didn't show enough how much she is in love with him!

Their showmance was genuinely heart-warming. The audience applauded to their nightingale-like duet. Their voice may not be equally trained, but Veronica did hold her vocals up to his standard quite amazingly. If they sing together more frequently, their stage will need a fire brigade, just in case they set it on fire!


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Their marriage

After dating for almost 12 years, Bocelli and Veronica officially exchanged vows on their daughter Virginia’s second birthday at the Sanctuary of Montenero in Italy. She had been his manager, mother of his child, and a supportive partner, all in one. Their union is one of a kind, as touch is all Andrea is acquainted with, due to his blindness.


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