Synced Outfits! Melania Trump Joined The Second Lady, Karen Pence, To Visit The Red Cross

Date November 28, 2018

Learn to do amazing welfare work with style from Melania Trump. She carries out her First Lady duties quite thoughtfully. Meanwhile keeping her class apart from the rest. This time, she shared a rare outfit twinning moment with the Second Lady, Karen Pence!

Synced Outfits! Melania Trump Joined The Second Lady, Karen Pence, To Visit The Red Crossgettyimages

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The elegant ladies, Melania, and Karen recently paid an exclusive visit to the American Red Cross in Washington, D.C. There, they actively assisted the volunteers in assembling military comfort kits for U.S troops deployed overseas. The First Lady of America told AP News:

Our prayers remain with all those serving overseas and for the families who wait for them to come home.

On behalf of the White House, it was a solicitous gesture to thank the huge sacrifices of the armed forces. Bravo!

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The similar outfits 

Melania Trump could pick any dress for this casual visitation but it seems she purposely matched her style with Karen. The two honorees were wearing strict pants and simple blouse tops. Their office look was sleek, smart and on point. For the occasion at hand, it's safe to say their choice of attire was calculated and sophisticated. Appropriate, all the way!

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Public's opinion on their efforts

Social media users readily appreciated her efforts. But some others were also skeptical and offered general criticism. They rushed to point out that this could be a stunt to boast upcoming election towards Donald Trump's side. Only time will tell!

What do you think of the First lady's outfit and her ventures? Share this and sound off!

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