Genetic Jackpot! Christine Baranski's Daughter Isabel Looks Exactly Like Her Mother

Date January 21, 2019

The 15-times Emmy Award nominee Christine Baranski had started her career at Playwrights Horizons Theatre in 1980. For the following 4 decades, she worked as an actress, producer, and singer in Hollywood. Her stocks remained high all along!


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The sitcom queen had married her fellow actor Matthew Cowles in October of 1983. The couple was inseparable until his death due to heart failure in 2014. Christine is now a single mother of two beautiful daughters, Lily and Isabel. The younger one, Lily Cowles, took after her parents and shares their passion for acting. Whilst when it comes to Isabel, there's so much to unravel!


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Like mother like daughter

Maybe not from personal life, but her elder daughter Isabel shows the same headstrong nature as her mother's character in Big Bang Theory. She had attended law school and passed the New York bar exam. The hard work landed her in the Brooklyn district attorney's office during the run of Christine's The Good Wife debut.

Isabel didn't choose to be an actress, but the beauty she inherited is worthy of a Hollywood diva. Apparently, the mom's lookalike loves to spend time on her on exotic vacations and she also even accompanies Christine on her red carpet appearances, all the while proving that she has become a dead ringer for her talented mother.


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Growing up with famous parents

Isabel shared her feelings of growing under the shadow of her celebrity mother. She and her sister received a quick spin in their lives because of their mom's fame. Their school was changed and they were extra pressurized to behave in public. Isabel recalled how hard it was for Christine to leave behind her precious ones everytime she drove away for work. She told Elle:

The driver who took Mom to the airport on those sad Sunday afternoons before a three-week stint told me that she cried every time they pulled away from the house. 


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The hard-nosed lawyer from The Good Wife showed us how hard it is to pull off motherhood with stardom, but giving up is not an option. Share this and let us know which of Christine's daughters you find to be her exact replica!

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