Time When Remote Controller Was A Person: Do You Remember The TV Sets Of The 80s Golden Era?

Date January 14, 2019 12:33

Pretty often, we stop appreciating the things that we have in the present. Only a comparison from the past can make us realize that back then, the struggle was just too real. Ready for some sweet, but laborious, nostalgia?

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The American living rooms in the 80s were lit with heavy televisions. Despite their not-so-fashionable design, those newly invented pieces made that time, a golden age. A time when everything that was only conceived in one's mind, was shaping into reality. Even the advent of cable TV was a big deal. Consumers could now choose between various programs, but mainly on three major networks: CBS, ABC, and NBC.

Their significance faded way too soon because only the 80s kids were able to collect some lovely memories. The lack of options intensified the interest and excitement. However, a particular feature of old TVs can make you feel how far we've come!


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The time when humans could be remote controllers

Yeah, sounds funny right? But this hilarious notion was quite normal during the 1980s. The vintage TVs had no remote way to change between channel. It had buttons embedded on the set at the side of the screen. Which meant either watching it too closely or having a person assigned to this job. Wonder who might be perfect for the task?


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It was unquestionable. Most commonly, the youngest member of the family was supposed to get up every time a channel needed to be changed. You can say there was a period in history when the youngest person was also the most important one in the house. So, it's too bad the new generation would never feel that honor. Winks!

Do you know someone who's had this humorous privilege or are you just sitting around soaking in a strange nostalgia? Share this and let us know who in your family could've made a great remote controller in the 80s. Yeah, only if we are ever able to build a time machine!

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