For Eternity! Freddie Mercury & M.J Performed The Immortal 'There Must Be More to Life Than This' Together


March 18, 2019 13:28 By Fabiosa

The Queen of the pop, Freddie Mercury released the song, There Must Be More to Life Than This in his debut solo album, Mr. Bad Guy. This masterpiece was released on April 29, 1985, by Columbia Records. This iconic song's initial debut was to be with Queen 1982's album, Hot Space, but that wasn't finalized.


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Previously, it was recorded as a duet with none other than the king of pop, Michael Jackson along with 2 other songs. On music number, State of Shock was then featured with Mick Jagger instead of Queen. While the other duet titled, Victory was never released. 

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The legends' only official duet

The song, There Must Be More to Life Than This has a unique history that makes it so special. Both, Michael and Freddie had the taste of fame and its dark side. They were often deemed as realist artists who knew what was wrong with the world. This realization made them sad people despite having everything at their disposal.

Their duet pulled out their melancholia and it seems the song itself has their soul in it. MJ and Freddie unconsciously depicted their life stories in it. Give it a listen and judge if you can feel their inner sensations.

That's how they will live forever!

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Another rare recording 

The two legends had marked history by joining their musical talents in another song too. It was never released but, for the fans to rejoice, the rare recording did find its way to their ears. Give a listen to their phenomenal duet, State of Shock as a silent tribute to them. What a groove!

Did the historical duet move you? Or maybe, it made you miss Michael and Freddie? Share this if you believe their immortal for their talent will ring forever!

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