No Tights In January? Meghan Markle Got Slammed For Her Recent Outfit To Be 'Way Too Tight'

Date January 17, 2019

Meghan Markle is letting her compassion and generosity play on the global arena. Her recently gained patronages have added more prestige to her persona as well. But here goes another tale of people, deviating their focus from her efforts to what she is wearing!

No Tights In January? Meghan Markle Got Slammed For Her Recent Outfit To Be 'Way Too Tight'gettyimages

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This week, the expectant Royal Highness paid an exclusive visit to Mayhew, which is a grassroots charity aimed to preserve animal rights worldwide. She personally met the fluff balls of love!

To match with her light and tender spirit, The Duchess of Sussex opted for a mama beige knit H&M outfit. She curtained her 6-month-old baby bump with a classy Emporio Armani cashmere coat. She missed out wearing tights and that is causing a lot of fuss!

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Slammed for her clothing

People wondered why the Duchess ditch tights in harsh winter and also wore open shoes. They believed it to contradict royal protocol and also complained that her dress to be way too tight. Are they concerned about her baby been strained or just unfairly mouthing negativity?

Some even went as harsh as telling her she is failing the royal family. Her representation of royalty was closed with a question mark!

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Her fans found nothing wrong with her look

Her admirers only roamed around how gorgeous she truly is. Their opinions expressed that anything she looks good in anything she wears. The same outfit fished her many compliments. Obviously, the stunning Duchess do deserve all the adoration!

Do you find her ensemble to be inappropriate or do you believe nothing is wrong with being yourself? Share this and let us know what you think!

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