Optimistic? 'NCIS' Actor Mark Harmon Finally Reacts To Co-Star Cote De Pablo's Exit From The Show

Date April 22, 2019

The crime-investigating show NCIS has been running for so long that it has outlived its own characters. Most of its cast is fleeting, yet the thrill remains constant. The most memorable departure from the series was of Cote De Pablo aka Ziva David. Now, one of the lead co-stars is speaking up about her withdrawal.


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After working in 8 seasons, Cote had detached herself from the show in 2013. In one of her interviews, she has revealed that her role was not being treated as good as it should. After that, the actress had completely vanished from the screens. The fans had hoped for her return, but it never happened.


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Mark Harmon's reaction

Years after her exit, her absence still bothers many people. So, does her own colleagues feel the same way? The lead actor of NCIS, Mark Harmon has finally opened up about it on Thursday night’s Arsenio Hall Show. He discussed how the show will move on without Ziva.


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He was very optimistic and praised how the entire crew is handling the change both off and on screen. Mark then mentioned Cote and explained what to expect in season 11. He remarked:

We have another change this year, with Cote leaving and it’s up to this highly professional group to use that as a springboard, to improve and stay No. 1.


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The fate of her character 

Although the actress has left the show, a lot of mystery still surrounds her character on the show. The producers have been adding bits to her story for the last five years. With constant reminder, the possibility of her comeback still lingers. Most recently, Ziva had anonymously left a note to Eleanor Bishop. So, her fate is probably to remain in shadows.


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Whether she reprises her role or not, she is still a big of NCIS and her co-stars fully realize it. Share this and let us know what more are you expecting in the upcoming season.