Sussex Is Leading? Meghan Markle Received Royal Privileges Earlier Than Kate Middleton, Expert Claims


March 14, 2019 12:23 By Fabiosa

Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle are drastically different from each other. The Duchess of Cambridge is leading with her status, but the Sussex stunner might be at an advantage, too.


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Kate had a sweet love story with Prince William. They met as youngsters, studied at the same university and sort of grew up together. Their relationship got stronger with time, defying all ups and down. Kinda nice and old school way!

Meghan's romance with Prince Harry was fast-paced and dynamic. They started dating in 2016, made their first joint-appearance in 2017, and a year later, got engaged. Looks like the Sussex couple smartly attended only the real situation at hand.


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What do experts have to say on their statuses?

Kate Middleton was given the title of 'Waity Katie' for the fact that she always had to walk behind Prince William. It was after their engagement that arrangement changed.

However, when Meghan was seen with Prince Harry, it was a double act. They looked absolutely delightful to be each other's side as equals. As body language expert, Judi James claims, this is the privilege Kate got much later.


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Judi further explained to Express UK, this behavior of Sussex couple is very unusual of British royals. Kate Middleton's privilege was steadily leveled in contract to Meghan's.

The Duchess of Cambridge was dubbed as 'royal family’s stealth missile' for the way in which she slowly built up great acclaim while remaining a low-key public figure. 


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Meghan's role in the monarchy

The Duchess of Sussex has remained in the spotlight for the better half of her life. Her compassion, humanitarian ventures, and of course, fashion sense is revolutionary for the monarchy.

Meghan has all the potential to envision a change with her bold personality. She will have more opportunity to carry out charities and philanthropy campaigns as a royal.


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Both ladies have their perks. Kate is higher in rank, while Meghan is enjoying more advantages.

Share this and let us know if you can spot more compensated differences between them.

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