Baby Entertainer! Joanna Gaines Shares A New Funny Snap Of Lil' Crew's Amusing Dad, Chip, & His Pals

Date January 23, 2019

Kids grow up so fast is a well-established notion. One day, you'd be singing them a lullaby and voila, in a flash you'd be seeing them off college. Right now, nothing of this sort is happening to Joanna Gaines' baby boy, Crew. But sooner or later it's bound to follow!


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Recently, the proud mama shared a major milestone of little Crew. The precious one has just grown his first two front-teeth. The Fixer Upper star is also witnessing how her youngest one is growing by leaps and bounds. Recently, she shared a picture of him sweetly napping in his mother's heavenly lap. There, the mom-of-five mentioned that they are going to need a bigger size for him. Yeah, fill his college forms, please!


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I think it's time for the next size up #sixmonths

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The baby entertainer

The bundle of cuteness, Crew is already channeling the family's talent hub. He can keep anyone entertained with his delightful expressions and playful gestures. Mommy Joanna knew exactly how to put these skills to work in a hilarious way. Chip and Joanna's pals seemed to be in the middle of a shopping spree when their baby showed how wonderful he is.

The little one amused and kept the men busy while the ladies of the group did shopping in peace. Joanna didn't have to worry thinking Chip is being bored while she raiding the fashion racks. Joanna shared this funny encounter with the fans, captioning:

I told Crew to distract the guys so the ladies could shop a little longer. 😍


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The mom's new savior was previously his dad's fun partner. Naughty Crew is switching sides too quickly!


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Making his parents' life sweeter

It's evident from Joanna's Instagram feed that ever since Crew has arrived, their family has been the happiest. Their everyday routine is more interesting and active. Smell the sweetness in the air!


Chip off the old block

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Has baby Crew made your day better, too? Share this and send your brimming love for the budding entertainer!

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