Cool With It? Eric Olsen On How He Truly Feels About His 'NCIS: LA' Co-Star Marrying His Brother

Date May 16, 2019 13:28

Daniela Ruah captivated the audience with her stunning performance on CBS' Hit TV series, NCIS: Los Angeles for her portrayal of Special Agent, Kensi Blye.

Just like her character, her personal life's also been quite thrilling. She is fortunate to work with both her husband and brother-in-law. Eric Olsen, her co-star finally shares his thoughts about this sweet arrangement.


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Eric's elder brother, David Paul Olsen who happens to be his stunt-double started dating Daniela back in 2011. Their chemistry escalated so quickly that the two got married in 2013. The 35-year-old actress and her hubby have two cute kids together: River Isaac and Sierra Esther.


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Is Eric cool with it?

Many people might have considered it professionally wrong but, not Eric. In fact, he was the one who brought Daniela and David together. He revealed on The Queen Latifah show how he made it all work.


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Eric found Daniela and David to be with the wrong people as they weren't able to be themselves with their respective partners. He believed them to be amazing human beings how were meant for each other.


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Eric's big heart came into play and he made way for the two of them to come close. Now, he is just over the moon that two of his favorite people in the world have grown into a family. Aww!

They are one blissful squad

Eric and his wife, Sarah Wright with whom he tied the knot in 2012 is pretty close to Daniella. The ladies even gave birth to the children at the same time. Both couples were already parents to little boys and they each had girls on the way. Wow, their harmony is matched with nature itself!


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It is inspiring to note how their jobs in Hollywood earned them a real family. Eric did play a great role in bringing two fated lovers together. That's some work of a cupid!