Overprotective Mom? Sandra Bullock Shares Her Struggles Of Raising Mixed-Race Adopted Kids

Date December 13, 2018

Among the two parents, a mother is most pressured. She is fully responsible for her kids' moral and social upbringing. These are just the normal scenarios.

What if the children are adopted and mixed race? Sandra Bullock shares her struggles!


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The 54-year-old actress had previously revealed, it was Hurricane Katrina that inspired her to adopt children. She was convinced by the horrid disaster that parenthood is her ultimate destiny. New Orleans was struck by Katrina and there, amidst tragedy, Louis was born. Sandra reminisces the feeling and the voice she heard in herself saying, 'My child is there. It was weird'.

Her son, Loius is now 8 whose love and compassion lead her to adopt another child, a daughter named Laila, 6. According to Bullock, the most perfect children have found her. 


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She admitted being overly protective to them

Sandra labeled herself to be a positively controlling parent. She opened up about strange challenges of raising an interracial family. Both her African-American kids were born in Louisiana. Bullock made candid comments to DailyMail UK, saying:

I'm overly protective of my kids.

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Sandra then added another remark to justify her troubled motherhood:

I have had to have conversations with them that millions of other parents do because of their skin color. So, we have a lot of scary conversations. Sometimes I can be a little softer with them because of the added pressure.


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She is forced to walk a minefield while taking care of her beloved children. One wrong step – and critiques can shame her readily under the step-mother light. Nonetheless, Sandra is doing an amazing job.

You go, mama bear!

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How are her children personality-wise?

The Oscar-winning actress described Lous as a very warm, sensitive and wise little guy. And Laila to be a fearless young baby. In addition to that, during her interview with Instyle, she also told people not to call her lovelies adopted. They are indeed, her true kin and children by humanity's bond.

When are they going to be titled 'Hollywood's most beautiful family'? Share this if you admire Sandra motherly generous spirit!

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