Star Like Her Mom! Angelina Jolie's Adopted Daughter Zahara Has Grown Up To Be A True Beauty


March 14, 2019 15:07 By Fabiosa

During Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's 12-year-long relationship, they shared 6 kids together. Three of them are their own, while the rest are adopted. So, Brangelina really had sort of an army.

Now, we are seeing one marching ahead!


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Despite having such a large family, the couple managed their little ones quite efficiently. Prior to their split, the squad made joint appearances everywhere.

All kids were equally natured and attended to. Their daughter, Shiloh is given the liberty to choose her own identity as a girl or a boy, while her sister Vivienne is mid-under the same influence. Angelina's eldest adopted daughter Zahara is also choosing her own path.


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A beauty like her mom

Zahara Marley has just celebrated her 14th birthday on January 8. Her appearance has now matured as she has grown up so beautifully.

The girl has always been in the spotlight, but her talents are just showing up. Marley is greatly influenced by her mother, Angelina, and wishes to be an actress.

Well, with that fashionista vibes, she surely can.


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It might have slipped your keen eyes, but she has already entered the show-biz already. When she was 11, she did a voice over for the hit animated movie, Kung Fu Panda 3. As a child star, she appeared on the series, VH1: All Access in 2001.

Bright future, huh?


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Her backstory 

The pretty girl was born as Yemsrach in Ethiopia. Zahara was only 6 months old when Angelina adopted her from an orphanage.

According to reports, at the time, Marley was really malnourished and suffering from dehydration when the actress took custody of her.


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It won't be long before fast-growing Zahara towers above her mom. It's so great to see how Brangelina's children are growing beyond their parents' harsh split!

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