Adoring Anchors! Hoda Kotb Shares A Lovely Photo Of Al Roker Cradling Her Cute Daughter, Haley

Date December 24, 2018

When a woman reaches her fifties, a sense of settling comes in. No new things are practiced or made spaced for in life anymore. 

Hoda Kotb made a brave decision and fully startled the audiences.

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In December 2017, the 54-year-old journalist made a surprise announcement that she has adopted a baby girl, Haley Joy. Surely, Hoda had some serious concerns while discussing the adoption with her partner, Joel Schiffman, who was also in his late fifties.

But now, she looks back and genuinely thinks that things happen right on time, and all of her blessings seem to come later in life. Congratulations to the mom for overcoming all the challenges involved in the process!


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Al Roker cradling his colleague's precious one

The NBC News family has wholeheartedly welcomed Hoda as a new co-host replacement. They are creating pure harmony in the workplace and outside their professional space, as well. The Today morning show hosts Al Roker, Savannah, and Hoda even spent Thanksgiving together.

Haley has just turned 1 and is already bagging enormous love with her cuteness. Her mother's colleagues can't skip the opportunity to adore her.

Recently, Hoda Kotb shared an adorable snap of Al Roker cradling the sweet baby girl in his arms. He was tenderly watching the little angel and silently admiring how precious she is. 


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The co-hosts have become good friends

Al Roker and Hoda Kotb are amazingly friendly with each other. Both the anchors truly cherish each other's company, hosting the same TV program. Evidently, Roker supports her addition to the show!


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Replacement is disturbing in any case, but some critiques go above and beyond to discourage change even if it's good. To confront the internet slamming against Hoda, Al Roker actively shut down a critic who wasn't happy about the news that Hoda Kotb would be replacing Matt Lauer. 

By defending Hoda, he has already proved to be a reliable friend.

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