Marital Twist! Beatrice's New Boyfriend Had Suddenly Split From His Wife Before Dating The Princess

Date November 26, 2018

After Princess Eugenie's wedding, everyone had their eyes set on her elder sister, Princess Beatrice. Though her wedding plans are not disclosed, the curtain's downed to reveal her new romance. Is a possible engagement on its way?

Marital Twist! Beatrice's New Boyfriend Had Suddenly Split From His Wife Before Dating The Princessgettyimages

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It has been leaked out that Fergie's precious one has fallen for an estate business tycoon and a divorced father-of-one, Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi aka Edo, 34. Princess shared about her multi-millionaire bae and their relationship at the recent exclusive London party. According to her friends, she has also introduced the potential groom to the Duke and Duchess of York. That's pretty serious!

Beatrice & Edo were introduced by their mutual acquaintances. As her friend told The Sun:

They could even be tying the knot in 2019. It's already been discussed by her friends. Everyone is thrilled that Bea is so happy and in such a good place right now.

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Edoardo's sudden split from his wife

Beatrice's beau had a glamorous Chinese American wife, Dara Yuang whom he used to share his life and luxurious apartment with. They have a 2-year-old son together, Christopher Woolf. Edo seemed to have divorced her in a rush, quite suddenly. Dara's mother Lily was not informed about it as it could have deeply shocked and saddened her. She only found it out from Erin, Dara's elder sister.


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According to Edo's ex-mother-in-law, her daughter was compelled to leave his apartment at once. Dara actually had to stay with a friend, sleeping on the sofa while looking for a new flat and haven. Lily told DailyMail UK:

I love Edo. I love his family. Why has this happened? This has broken me to bits.


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So, just how long was the gap between Dara’s departure and her being replaced by Beatrice in his life? Reportedly, Dara and Edo parted their ways six months ago and Princess has only started seeing Mr. Edoardo more than 2 months ago. This is as much as clarity we can get from their martial complexity!

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Public's reaction

Divorces are heartbreaking and devastating! This common idea made social media users give their opinions as a shock to why Edoardo divorced his lovely wife.

Breaking and making are just another reality of life. Share this and let us know other philosophies that can justify Beatrice's and Edo upcoming love bond!

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