Oh My Cuteness! John Stamos Shares Adorable Photos Of His Kid & Family Celebrating Christmas

Date December 26, 2018 14:35

John Stamos and Caitlin McHugh can’t get enough of their 8-month-old son, Billy. The precious little one is morphing into his dad pretty quickly, sharing the same vibrant smile of his dad. The proud mother obviously thinks so, too, and often posts on Instagram to show how the little Billy carries Stamos' signature grin.


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Most parents complain of hectic routine once their baby arrives. But not this couple, they have an entirely different problem. Stamos admitted that he cries every time he’s to leave his son to go for work. 

In an interview with Kelly Ripa, the daddy dear said:

I miss him, I miss him. This is the longest I've ever been from him.


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Now, it's time to see the whole family in one frame and absorb all the cuteness in one go. Ready?

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Their Christmas present for the fans

As a Christmas gift to all of us, Stamos shared the lovely photos of his family enjoying the holidays. The couple was showering Billy with their love while planting dual kisses on his chubby cheeks. Oh, just look at the little guy blossoming with joy!


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John gushed over Billy who is growing up so fast and showed his son's excitement for Christmas by delivering another candid portrait of him. He captioned to mark Billy's first Christmas:

Look who woke up first. #FirstChristmas


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To stack up more bundles of cuteness, the whole family seemed to be wearing matching outfits. Moreover, Stamos beautifully wished everyone a happy time regardless of their faith, captioning:

From our family to yours, Merry Christmas! And to those who aren’t celebrating this holiday, Merry December 25th, because we could all use some Merry ❤️


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Fans had their hearts melted 

Devoted followers of John rushed to warmly wish him, Merry Christmas. They showered the family with sincere compliments and lots of love to Billy.


Omg perfection !!! Yes we could all use some merry ❤️❣️❤️love and hugs to you guys . Loving this picture it’s beyond adorbs!!!


Such lovely pictures!!! Billy's rosy cheeks oh my 😍😍😍 Merry Christmas Stamos Family! ✨🎁🎄


Cute matching pjs and the dog looks adorable in same pjs.


The cutest thing I’ve seen all day❣️


Ahh! Look at that precious face! He’s so big now!! Merry Christmas!

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