Brad Pitt Is One Of The Most Handsome Men Alive: Did He Inherit Great Looks From His Parents?

Date January 29, 2019 17:58

It's not uncommon for children to take after their parents. Their traits, looks, and habits are often passed down. But, when celebrities go through the same morphosis, it's pretty sensational. Brad Pitt is about to create the same hype!


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Born as William Bradley Pitt on December 18, 1963, in Oklahoma, Brad Pitt is ruling the Hollywood with his great looks. Infused with his acting skills, the man was unstoppable on his way to success. He is easily among the most attractive men in the world who will be celebrated and admired to the peak of legacy. Could his parents be credited for it?


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Brad is splitting image of his parents

The hottest man on the planet is a dear son to his dad, William Alvin Pitt, and mother, Jane Etta Hillhouse Pitt. Mr. Pitt was the owner of a trucking company when he married Brad's mom, a family counselor. Both of this Hollywood heartthrob's parents carried good appearance. And that's where Brad takes it from.


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It's apparent that he is a dead ringer of his beautiful mother. From his lips to the refined jaw and from his eyes to the blond hair, Brad is an exact look-alike of Jane and William Pitt. Their photos may be outdated but they still serve an astonishing comparison. The actor should now probably thank his handsomely awesome parents!


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Brad's charming siblings

Brad shares his parents, Jane and William with two other gorgeous siblings. His sister, Julie Pitt Neal, have her efforts enrooted in generosity and philanthropy. While his brother, Doug Pitt, is a pragmatic business tycoon. Looks like success also runs in the family!


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Are you having trouble deciding which one of the Pitts is the most attractive one? Share this and let us know if you just adored them all!

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