CNN Sues Donald Trump And Top White House Aides For Suspending Jim Acosta's Press Pass

Date November 14, 2018

President Donald Trump's ongoing bad blood with CNN's chief White House correspondent, Jim Acosta has boiled over!


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Recently, Mr. Trump verbally blasted the journalist and the White House ultimately banned him from its grounds. Jim had a testy exchange when he brought up the topic of migrant caravan referring to it as an invasion. Mr. Trump's defensive response became quite offensive when he called him a rude and terrible person.

CNN sued the U.S President

CNN did not take this restriction well when Jim's press pass was suspended. Demanding the immediate restoration of the journalist's access rights to the White House, CNN filed a lawsuit against President Trump and several of his top administrative personnel. CNN's president, Jeff Zucker assured his staff that:

This is not a step we have taken lightly. But the White House action is unprecedented.


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Mr. Trump has appointed six defendants for the case who will be tasked to vigorously enforce and announce Acosta's suspension on official terms. Their debate will contradict the allegedly wrongful revocation of the credentials that violates CNN agreement. Jim will consolidate the case, putting forward his First Amendment rights of freedom of expression and their Fifth Amendment rights to due process. 

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CNN has challenged the mighty government in attempts to give journalism control over America's elected candidates. The News network intends to safeguard the rights of the media press!

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Civilians take on the situation

People didn't seem quite convinced or optimistic about CNN's victory in this. Many social media users brought up Acosta's characteristic flaws and others of CNN. 

Do think this legal battle will buy Acosta the welcoming card for White House again? Let us know your opinions!

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