Feminist Chimamanda Adichie Openly Called Melania Trump A Racist For Supporting Her Husband Mr. Trump

Date November 2, 2018 09:24

There is one thing sure about fashion statements: They can be easily misinterpreted! 

This month, the First Lady of America was on her tour to Kenya. Melania Trump warmly visited The Nest Children’s Home, where, she claimed, the children had a great impact on her. She enjoyed a cultural performance at the Kenya National Theater and was thankful to the First Lady of Kenya and U.S. Embassy staff for their warm hospitality.


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Mrs. Trump also went to Cape Coast Castle in Ghana, which solemnly reminded her of a time in history that should never be forgotten. There, she was welcomed by Chief Osabarima Kwesi Atta II and chieftains.


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Amidst these lovely meetings, the first lady's actions were noticed by Chimamanda Adichie, who made some direct remarks about her!

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She called Melania Trump a racist

Author and feminist icon Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie was asked to comment on Melania Trump's visit to Africa. The first lady has stepped out for charitable work, but as Esquire UK reported, Chimamanda said:

When he (Donald Trump) was being incredibly racist about Barack Obama. It was all about race. It was racist and she (Melania Trump) had supported him.

She described Trump as being removed from reality for what she is doing in Africa. Chimamanda went on to criticize the First Lady for wearing a pith helmet, as well. According to her, that hat could channel African colonialism. But on the other hand, she initially had supported Melania's 'I Don't Care, Do You?' jacket and had pointed out that people might have incorrectly deciphered its meaning.


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However, at the end of her interview, she concluded the First Lady's actions to be done knowingly and answered:

Yes, I think she is [racist].

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Melania Trump wearing helmet in Africa 

Her first solo trip to Africa was heavily scrutinized. The 48-year-old visited four countries across the continent, danced with children, and even fed elephants. While on a Kenyan safari, Melania wore a white pith helmet — the headgear that some think to be a symbol of European colonial rule. She was questioned for this choice of wear by many social media users!

Unfortunately, people tend to pay more attention to what the Slovenian beauty was wearing rather than doing. Share this and let us know if you believe whether these are merely harsh judgments or not!

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