Prince Philip's Car Accident Update: Details Disclosed A Baby To Be Inside The Other Car

Date January 18, 2019 16:32

Prince Philip has officially retired from the public scene, withdrawing from all royal duties. His last attendance was at the royal wedding of his granddaughter, Princess Eugenie, back in October of 2018. He is making it to the headlines again but not in the sense fans had hoped for!

Prince Philip's Car Accident Update: Details Disclosed A Baby To Be Inside The Other Cargettyimages

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BBC News confirmed the Duke to be involved in a car crash on 17 of January that left him shaken. He was driving around in his Land Rover near Queen's Norfork estate when he collided into another car, a Kia. It had two women inside who were said to be unharmed.

According to eyewitnesses, the Queen Consort's car had overturned during the powerful crash. Looks like Prince's miscalculation, but what does the report say?

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Updated details 

Further reporting has uncurtained the entire picture of the unfortunate event. Prince Philips was luckily unhurt and had readily gained full conscious. During the accident, he had screamed, 'My leg' but was treated to be normal again. He had also immediately inquired about the passengers of the other car whether everyone was safe.

The official Police report has been released. The specifics details disclosed that a 9-month-old baby was also present among the two ladies. Fortunately, the infant remained unscratched as most of the shock was absorbed by other riders.

Discontinuing any twirl to the story, both drivers were breath-tested that was found to be negative. Just the matter of a bad move but could the Prince be accounted for it?

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People started a debate

Concerned folks wonder why the 97-year-old Duke was chauffering himself in the first place. The Twitters also presented other critical reasonings. The argument is on with different theories!

We wish both families involved to be soon recovered to their fittest. Share this and add your regards!

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