Harry & Meghan's Marriage Is A Hoax? Conspiracy Theorists Claim It To Be Britain's Plotting Against America

Date February 8, 2019

Theories found on the internet are awakening as well as entertaining. They swing above reality by a weak thread. The one to follow includes both the nations British and the American to be alert. A mind twister ahead!

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The composition of conspiracy theories is pretty simple. A pinch of cultural regard, a dash of time reference and a bit of exaggeration. Its believers are the fire that lets it cook. So, up to you, whether you put on a chef's hat or give a bad taste to this curry.

The British monarchy's mega plot

You must be living under a rock if you haven't heard about Meghan Markle's historic wedding to the Crown's prince, Harry. Their love story is nothing short of a wonder. A Hollywood diva laced with a prestigious successor by fate!


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While everyone is celebrating their union, theorists have burned the oil to an appealing conspiracy. They believe it to be Britisher's ultimate scheme to gain control over America. Stop, stop! What? Well, they suggest the couple's baby will grow up to be politically involved in the U.S on grounds of his/her mother's nationality.

Their child would eventually run for the presidency in America and his/her royal influence will play the cards. That's a pretty long shot on UK's part. Like who's gonna wait around for all of that to happen! Right?

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Here's another one

The theory chefs are not confining their controversial opinion just to the Sussex couple. They are also raising eyebrows towards the Cambridge beauty, Kate Middleton. According to them, she just looks too radiant to be in labor after she leaves the hospital post childbirth. She allegedly produced her children from surrogacy. Hello, it's called natural beauty, crazies!


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Do you find any fragment of truth in these bizarre theories? Share this and let us if you are joining the class of conspiracists!

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