Making Campaigning Great Again! Donald Trump Jr. With His Girlfriend Kiss And Campaign While Creating Their Couple Nickname

Date October 25, 2018 17:24

Personal lives of diplomats are always kept private. But the Trumps are not afraid of showing off what they are all about. Opening a door of controversies.

Donald Trump Junior is along with girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle campaigning and kissing their way through America. They leave nuggets of flirtation about each other in their speeches. According to Edition CNN:

Hot and heavy into politics. Crisscrossing the country. Stopping for Republicans.


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Couple nickname

This couple had become an item following Jr. Trump's divorce from Vanessa. During their venture, Kimberly revealed that she calls her boyfriend, Junior Mints. Ms. Guilfoyle has also assigned a nickname for their couple, Donberly which is an infused result from their own names. She also flaunted their joint romance filled campaigning by making it into a slogan, Making Campaigning Great Again!

However, people didn't approve of this pompous display of their relationship, questioning their behavior from different perspectives.

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Public was outraged

Social media users responded with an utmost disgust to it. They believed it to be an inappropriate demonstration of intimacy in politics. Some also pointed out about Jr. Donald Trump's 5 kids who might find this awkward as their dad is out romancing with his new partner after divorcing their real mothers.

Nonetheless, they were also a swarm of the pair's supporters.

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Trump followers

The fans of the Trump family came to their adoration. They reasonably defended them and pointed out that Jr. Trump is just moving on from his past affiliations and there is nothing sour about it.

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