'My Darling': Proud Grandpa Pierce Brosnan Shares Adorable Black & White Photo Of His Angelic Granddaughter Marley


October 19, 2018 16:37 By Fabiosa

We are about to get a fair share of cuteness!

Pierce Brosnan, mostly cheered as Mr. Bond, is a rocking grandpa and father. He is marvelously compassionate towards his granddaughter which never fails to give us major family-duo goals. Time to time, he shares how much he appreciates his little girl. 


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Her costume definitely heightens her cuteness. Marley is his xerox copy, they look so much alike that leaves his fans stunned. Brosnan is delighted to post her photos to spread the fatherly love he feels while being a granddad. 

Photo of his angel granddaughter

With his heart out, Pierce Brosnan posted Marley's black and white photo. Even with no colors, her radiance shines through. The little baby's dress makes her look festive and cheerful. What a beautiful candid portrait!

The handsome grandpa captioned:

My darling granddaughter ...Marley.


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However, she is not the only one of Pierce's family that he dearly adores. Mr. Bond has so much to be proud of his family!

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His love for his family


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Brosnan is a 3-time grandpa and father of 5. Three of his children are from his first marriage and his much younger sons, Dylan and Paris are from his current wife, Keely Shaye Smith. He has a remarkable commitment to his children. Pierce's dashing sons reflects his classic looks.


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Paris and Dylan both are celebrated fashion models. Their father seems to wish them success in every part of their lives. They certainly make their dad feel complete. Mr. Brosnan demonstrates the highest form of love and pride when he occasionally shares Paris and Dylan's photos. Such a treat for the eyes; Sighs!


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