What A Great Honor! Alan Jackson Gets His Incredible Mural Painted In His Hometown

Date October 16, 2018

The incredible country singer, Alan Jackson has been bestowed with numerous awards including Grammys. He was born on 17 October 1958 along with his talent. Alan had grown up in a small rural area in Georgia but to pursue his music career, he ultimately moved to Nashville, Tennessee.


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His love story is also one of a kind as he is still with his High school sweetheart Denise. The couple married in 1979 and they cruised through ups and downs of life together. They have three beautiful daughters, Mattie, Alexandra, and Dani.


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His life journey is a melodious musical that has shaped him into a living legend. To conceptualize his presence in his hometown, Newnan, an artist has portrayed him there as a tribute.

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His mural

The artist, Tim Davis hunted for the most visible place in the town to paint a mural of Alan Jackson. It now can be viewed at Redneck Gourmet building in downtown Newnan. This feat is a part of Newnan’s artist-in-residence program. It showcases the rich talent that was rooted in this tiny limited village.

The purpose of this larger than life painting is to lure tourists and also to honor Alan Jackson. Robert Hancock, a board member for ArtRez, told Times Herald:

We think hundreds of people will get off the interstate to get a selfie with their superstar Alan

Some relatives and close friends of both Denise and Alan still live in the county. The superstar is also expected to make an appearance on the location. So cool!

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People are already attracted to it

His fans reacted to this prestige delightfully. Alan's songs have run through generations and he is certainly one of the best asset America has!

Would you like to visit the mural yourself? Share and toast to this iconic star!

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