She Does Have Emotions After All! Victoria Beckham Had A Tou

She Does Have Emotions After All! Victoria Beckham Had A Touching Moment With A Little Girl


December 6, 2018 18:42 By Fabiosa

Victoria Beckham's poker face has given people the idea that she is actually an emotionless person. Because unraveling the real reason will be quite difficult. Here we debunk that myth!


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Recently, the fashion queen visited UNAIDS in Geneva to show her unconditional support to the AIDS response, one week before the World's AIDS Day. She looked smart, sleek and confident in her black pantsuit. Victoria also gave a powerful statement that should be resonating in everyone's mind:

We need to make sure that people feel supported to take an HIV test by ending the stigma and discrimination still too often associated with the virus. Today, we have the medicines to keep people healthy and to stop the virus being transmitted. AIDS isn’t over yet, but it can be. 


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Boss girl, Victoria wasn't all hammer and no nail, she literally showed her emotional involvement on this occasion. 

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Her rare touching encounter

Mrs. Beckham looked delightful as she met the ambassadors. Not ear to ear, but she had a resting smile on her pretty face. She seemed to feel absolutely pleasant when a little girl walked up to her and presented her with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. On Victoria's personal excitement scale, we could say she was as close to emotional as we've ever seen her. 

Her tender side gleamed as she kneed down to the girl and chatted with her with affection. That's our lady Victoria, she says it all with her kind gestures!

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Why she doesn't smile?

The general public has sort of always complained that Victoria never smiles. The paparazzi have been after her more and more, trying to get a glimpse of her careless laughter of joy. But she always succeeds in failing them. When asked about it, she revealed the reason behind it to Vogue:

I'm smiling on the inside. I feel that I have a responsibility to the fashion community.

Nope, sorry to disappoint, it's not what anyone has ever guessed. She isn't an unhappy or miserable being, just a serious classy woman who keeps it together. Share this if you believe the smile is not always a measure of someone's compassion!

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