Soul-Stirring Duet: Barbra Streisand & Ray Charles Beautifully Performed "Crying Time" Together

Date March 22, 2019

In modern times, it's not easy to come across raw and original music. So, it's only fair to revisit the glorious past of the 90s melodious era. The technology might not be have been advanced back then, but the voices were pure. Let's pluck a beautifully sounding string one more time!


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The iconic song, Crying Time, was originally written and recorded by the American country music artist Buck Owens in 1964. It wasn't until Ray Charles recorded an improvised version that it became a tremendous success. He also won two Grammy Awards in 1967 for his contribution. Over intervening years, Numerous covers have been performed and recorded.

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When two musical stars' voices collide!

Barbra Streisand's majestic career is spanned over six decades. She has matched her notes with many historic artists like Andrea Bocelli and Michael Buble, and she still continues her collaborative work. 

During the 1950s, legendary musician Ray Charles was often dubbed as the “Genius” who pioneered the genre of soul music. Barbra and he joined their forces to give a masterpiece to their fans.

These two performed Crying Time together and marked the best period of the 20th century. In the video, Barbra is seen mesmerized by the musical magic around as she leaned on the piano. Charles is equally absorbed in channeling his vocals with the piano. Just heartwarming, it is!

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Barbra's voice compliments with every artist

It looks like Barbra's vocals have peaked the excellence of universality. She released her duet with the King of Rock-n-Roll, Elvis Presley, in her album, Partners. Their duo singing of the eternal hit, Love Me Tender, is the blessing to the fans' ears.

We understand how amazing these duets are but try not to break the replay icon! Share this and spread their immortal brilliance. 

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