Hey Dog: Beth Chapman Goes For Gags Playing A Hilarious Social Media Joke On Husband Duane

Date July 6, 2018

Celebrity bounty hunter couple Beth and Duane “Dog” Chapman recently celebrated their 12th wedding anniversary, and for them, being together has been a double blessing. Their relationship began in 1995 when the couple started working together, but they did not sign the dotted lines until 2006.


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Beth is also a cancer survivor. In September of 2017, her husband Duane announced that doctors had diagnosed her with throat cancer. Thankfully, Beth responded well to treatment, and well before their anniversary, the doctors declared her cancer free.  


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With life now back to normal, the couple is enjoying their relationship, as they are no longer bothered by ill health. Beth gives regular updates on her life with Duane on her Instagram account, and they sure love to have fun.

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This week, she shared a hilarious picture of her husband on Instagram. While he believed she had taken a regular selfie, Beth cheekily added a filter that gave Duane flappy ears and a cute dog nose. To make the photo even more amusing, Duane still had her glasses on at the time.

The post has already gotten over 16k likes, and fans have been reeling with laughter, some even comparing Duane to a lion.

Some fans of the show still wish the duo made a comeback to television with their hit shows "Dog the Bounty Hunter" and "Dog and Beth: On the Hunt".

Sadly, the couple seems to be enjoying their retirement, and we all still wish them the very best.

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