Janet Jackson Leads Mourners As Her Father Joe Jackson Is Laid To Rest Beside Her Brother Michael

Date July 5, 2018

Joe Jackson passed away on July 27, 2018, after a long battle with cancer. The 89-year-old was most famous for introducing his musical family to the world and managing the career of The Jackson Five.


Although his relationship with his children was questionable and relations fractured for many years, things seemed to get better as the children started out on their own lives. Despite not being much of a musician himself, his contributions to the industry earned him several accolades, including acknowledgment by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

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One week after his demise, the Jackson family has laid their patriarch to rest. The private funeral had members of the family, close associates and colleagues in attendance. A service took place at Forest Lawn in Glendale, California.

His daughter, singer Janet Jackson, led the mourners at the event as her father was buried. Like the remaining members of the family and guests, she was also dressed in black. Cameras caught her being comforted by a member of the family as she led the procession.

Forest Lawn is also the same place that the late King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was buried in 2009. Members of the family from his children to grandchildren have been sharing tributes to the iconic manager on social media.


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Fans of the Jackson family are also expressing their condolences as the late Joe Jackson moves on to the great beyond.

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While critics still consider Joe Jackson a less-than-stellar father, his dedication to ensuring that his family and children become successful is quite admirable. Even in death, he still stands as one of the most respected artist managers in America. We pray his family finds the strength they need in their time of mourning.

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