Markle Debacle! Royal Commentator James Brookes Says Thomas Markle Will Persist If The Palace Does Not Intervene

Date August 1, 2018

Thomas Markle stunned observers when he bailed out of attending the royal wedding and walking his daughter down the aisle at the last minute. Since then, he has continued to insist that the royals are intentionally punishing him by denying him access to his daughter Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex.

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In his latest public outcry, the former award-wining lighting director claimed the Palace was trying to deny him the right to see his unborn grandchildren. In addition, he has suggested that the Duchess was under intense pressure to fit in and far from comfortable in her new shoes, as the tabloids report.


Royal commentator and correspondent James Brookes has spoken out about the embarrassment that these damning statements by Thomas Markle are making. Speaking with, Brookes insisted that the Palace needs to wade in and take action before the situation escalates.

I think many would say, if reconciliation is what the Markles really want, they wouldn’t have gone down this route. They would be trying to sort this privately with Meghan and her aides. But, unless the Palace release a statement detailing any help they might have previously offered Thomas Markle that he might have refused plus any rebuke of his comments, we’ll be seeing a lot more of this kind of tittle-tattle.

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Still on the issue of the Thomas Markle interviews, Brookes believes that the estranged father is only making the situation worse with his constant bashing of the royal family. He did empathize with Markle and his desire to see his daughter, but he added that Markle was going about it the wrong way.

While he’s complaining that's hurtful, you can also argue that his persistent desire to talk to the press about her life is very hurtful to Meghan, and that’s why she/the Palace have put up the shutters.


Some commentators believe that the drama between the Duchess and her father does not concern the Palace and expect her to sort it out in private, possibly with a meeting.


In the meanwhile, there are suggestions that the Markle drama may be a sign of the end for the Duchess and her walk as a royal.

While neither the palace nor the Duchess has made any comments about the new outbursts by Thomas Markle, it is possible that the royal PR team will consider taking action as suggested by Brookes. Until then, Brookes believes that the Markle Tirades will just keep on coming.

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