Stormy Daniel's Lawyer Michael Avenatti Enraged As His Client Gets Arrested In Ohio Strip Club

Date July 12, 2018 12:49

Adult entertainer Stormy Daniels (real name Stephanie Clifford) shot to limelight after accusing President Donald Trump of having an illicit affair with her in 2006, allegations which the President still denies. In the months following her accusations, Americans have been bombarded by the press with varying versions of the Trump affair scandal.


President Trump famously denied trying to cover up the affair by bribing Daniels during the 2016 presidential campaign, although a bulk payment of $130,000 (£94,000) was made to Daniels for her silence by Trump’s lawyer, Michael Cohen.

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While investigations into the matter continue with even more serious implications if President Trump is found guilty of making illegal campaign payments, Daniels has her own troubles to deal with. Earlier today, her lawyer, Michael Avenatti, shared a tweet saying his client had been arrested while she was performing at a strip club in Ohio.

In his tweet, Avenatti said his client was arrested for “allegedly allowing a customer to touch her on stage in a sexual manner.

According to Avenatti, the arrest was a bogus attempt by the Trump administration to silence his client, seeing as the affair drama had caused untold embarrassment to the White House and the President.

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Meanwhile, commentators on social media have spoken against the arrest of Daniels, citing lack of credible cause. Daniels has been on tour of several clubs across the country, performing the same act.

Some commentators also called out the Trump administration for dedicating resources to harass a citizen going about her business. Neither President Trump nor any representative of the White House or law enforcement has made a statement about the arrest.

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