Early Farewell: "The Big Bang Theory" Star Mayim Bialik Hints On Her Plans For The Future After Season 12

Date August 29, 2018 15:57

They say all good things end, but some good things people wish never end. After 12 seasons of laughs, The Big Bang Theory is ending. On September 24, at exactly 8:00 p.m., on CBS, fans of the show will be treated to the first episode of the final season.

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With several Emmy and Golden Globe awards in their kitty, and also recognition for being the longest-running multi-camera television series in history, the show garnered millions of fans in America and around the world.

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On Sunday, Mayim Bialik, who plays Amy on the show, shared a vlog from her dressing room, speaking about the journey so far and her expectations for the future.

Usually, when things end, like, they end right away. It’s not like this is going to end in 23 episodes. So it means that we have a whole season, you know. We have through the end of April to explore what our writers are going to give us.


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In some ways, Bialik has already begun saying her goodbyes, although the show is still a way from being over.

I have a lot of mixed feelings. Obviously, this has been a part of my life for going on 9 years, … and part of me is like, “Oh, now I get to see what the rest of my life will look like.”

Big plans for the future

Bialik is a real life neuroscientist but has no plans of going back to work in the sciences after she leaves the show. In her vlog, she revealed that she had some other television projects lined up, including those she will be producing.

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She may be hanging up her boot for the show, but watch out Bialik says she is not giving up on acting. As for the fans, knowing the show will soon end is a downer, but it is not sad enough to drown the joy season 12 brings.

The Big Bang Theory provided an entirely new look at scientists, using stereotypes while still finding ways to show how much like everybody else the characters are. Like the millions of fans around the world, we will miss Amy and the rest of the gang when season 12 of The Big Bang Theory is done.

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